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The Power Of Crystals/ Stones Can Bring To Your Life

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Crystals have the power to bring healing elements to parts of your life. They can help you forgive, bring love into your life, help you find the courage to start a new beginning, protect you from evil intentions from others and so much more. You can collect crystals inside your home and scatter them about or you can choose to wear them.

Wearing them can bring you the crystal healing to your everyday life and can be stylish. At Vanity Envie we have already incorporated some of the best stones into our jewelry. Find out below which stones/crystals will help you in your life.

Pink Morganite


Pink Morganite brings unconditional love by heightening spirituality and universal love.

It also strengths compassion by helping with understanding empathy and practicing patience.

Most of all, Pink Morganite soothes the soul and alleviates burdens of pain in the heart.

Vanity Envie Pink Morganite jewelry:

Our Pear Ring - Click here to purchase:



Pearls attract prosperity, heighten intuition and the imagination.

They are also a very protect stone from negative thoughts.

They stimulate the mind in clarity and wisdom.

Vanity Envie Pearl jewelry:

Three Pearl Necklace:

White Diamonds


White diamonds are the most coveted stones in the world.

White diamonds help strength relationships and inner peace.

They bring clarity and abundance.

Vanity Envie has plenty of white diamond jewelry:

One of our favorites Diamond Ice Queen:



Opals bring emotional healing by helping to release anger and calm self worth, aiding in accessing and expressing one's true self.

Once you achieve emotional healing it helps with loyalty and faithfulness.

Opals also stimulate creativity and originality. they also encourage an interest in the arts.

Opal are said to "Strength ones will to live".

Vanity Envie Opal jewelry:

Opal Ice Queen



Topaz comes in various colors and have various meanings and healing powers.

They help with honesty, forgiveness, calm negative thought, calm fears by bringing joy and generosity.

Topaz have been known to bring divine messages and promote a happy life full of good fortune.

Vanity Envie Topaz Jewelry:

Baguette Arc Ring



The Moonstone is associated with the moon and helps with decision making by allowing us to be present.

They also help with new beginnings and growth.

Moonstone has also been known to help with fertility and considered to be the "Goddess stone".

Vanity Envie Moonstone Jewelry:

Rose Gold Rainbow Moonstone & Diamond Snow White Ring

Black Spinel


Black Spinel is a renew your energy and brings encouragement.

They help release negativity to help make room for better.

Black Spinel is considered the "Recharge stone".

Vanity Envie Black Spinel Jewelry:

Rainbow Moonstone & Black Spinel Cascade Pendant



Tourmaline aids in understand of oneself and others.

They also promotes self-confidence and rids of any doubts or fears.

Helps attract inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity.

Vanity Envie Tourmaline jewelry:

Ava Ring

With these stones you can find courage and peace. You can find help with new beginnings. All while looking stylish. Most of our pieces have more than one of these stones. So when shopping keep in mind what great fortune our pieces can bring you.

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