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2020 Style Trends After Lockdown

With the looks of lockdown being lifted slowly, we may just get to have our summer. Hopefully you bought some cute outfits or accessories to show off. If not, we have some 2020 style trends to help you out.

First things first our hair! Roots that have a regrowth of just over an inch and hair that some of us have cut ourselves and I'm sure is uneven. Here are the color trends and hair cuts for 2020:

Natural hair color is back, even if you fake it. Girls it's time to give up that black or dark brown color. To make your color look natural ask for baby lights or balayage. Baby lights are VERY thin highlights, they blend better for a natural look.

Also, make sure the color works well with your skin tone. A lot of people pick a color that may look nice but end up making you look washed out. Here are some hair colors and highlights we are loving right now;

Now time to even out that "at home haircut"! I know the influencer said it would be easy on her Youtube channel and it doesn't look THAT bad. However, did you see the back? Here are some haircuts that will be trending;

FRINGE!!! This is my favorite and I think I may have to get this haircut myself.

For those who are brave or if you cut too much off and you can't save the length. Do NOT panic. You will be trending for sure. Here are some medium length haircuts:

Did you notice another trend? It's very faint...... but it's NATURAL makeup! No more spending an hour just doing your makeup or the over the top eyeshadow. Neutral colors with a wing liner is so classic. Find colors the will help make your eye color pop but make sure it's doesn't take over your face. Here are some natural makeup looks we've found;

Now something else that will be trendy caught me by surprise. I've always loved this idea, maybe it's the hippie in me. I just never knew how to pull it off or thought it may be a bit too much. HEAD SCARFS. There are so many ways to wear a head scarf and you can search Pinterest to look up different types of "how to's" for wearing a head scarf.

OH and stay tuned sis.... Vanity Envie will be adding some unique print scarfs to our store in the next coming weeks!

What about some stylish jewelry? As you know, Vanity Envie is in no short supply of trendy REAL jewelry.

Layering will always stand the test of time and here are some of our favorite necklaces to layer:

Check out our shop up top after reading. Also FREE SHIPPING in the US until the end of summer!

Here's our favorite comeback of all time.... ANKLETS! No not those dolphin anklets from the 90's. A nice delicate anklet that adds something to your outfit and we've heard back from our customers that said their boyfriends and husbands find them so sexy. Who knew?

You can also shop these sexy stylish anklets pictured above at the Vanity Envie shop!

Now a lot of us have been shopping for clothes. Zara, ASOS, Revolve (they have had some awesome sales btw!), Topshop and so many trendy online stores. Here are some of the outfits we are seeing for this summer:

Crop top graphic tees, high waist shorts, open back tops, and button ups are a few of these sexy and understated looks. It's causal chic... looking fashionable and trendy without trying too hard.

2020 is about embracing your natural look without trying. Yes, some of us may have to fake it a bit but we all have a natural unique style. Plus how many people can say they still fit into their jeans after this lockdown?!

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