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Our Sexiest Jewelry Pieces For A Date Night Out Or In

You have the sexiest outfit picked out or lingerie for a night of fun. However, what about some jewelry? Jewels that add

eye catching sparkle or gold to enhance your golden summer tan. Below are some of our pieces to help you enhance the sexual appeal in your outfit or lack there of.

Everyone's first go to piece for sex appeal are necklaces. Necklaces draw the eye to your chest area and neck. They come in different lengths and compliment everyone in their own individual way.

First let's start with the sexiest type of necklaces, a lariat or Y necklace. A lariat necklace forms what looks like a Y. These can either be worn down the front in between your chest or what's becoming more popular with bridal, down your back. Our dainty Opal & Topaz Starburst lariat brings that extra sparkle to your chest. This necklace goes best with a deep V top.

Click here to get yours!

Next are chokers. Chokers you can dress up or even wear out for a causal day outing adding a bit of sexiness. In fact, some people believe wearing a choker is a representation of sexual submissiveness. Maybe this is because chokers have a history. In the 1800's if a woman wore a ribbon around her neck it symbolized that she was a prosititue as shown in Manet's painting of "Olympia".

Edouard Manet "Olympia"


There are also sex chokers for those who are into restraining and bondage. So we can understand why some people see chokers as submissive.

Here is our Fishtail Choker we have that would go great with your lingerie or maybe an outfit that doesn't reveal too much but wearing a choker gives the hint of sexual submission.

Any necklace can bring attention to your chest if a lariat or choker isn't your style. Check out our collection of necklaces.

Maybe you have stunning legs and a fresh pedicure you want to bring attention to. How many times have you heard a guy go crazy for a girl with nice legs and nice feet? Adding anklets bring an extra something to your poolside swimsuit. I mean swimsuits are like wearing lingerie in public. Or they can be hidden under your clothes and only HE/SHE knows you're wearing an anklet.

Our gold anklets next to your summer tan makes those "pins" stand out amongst the crowd. You can wear these separately or together.

Our Evil Eye Anklet adds something extra while keeping bad intentions away.

Our Double Strand Anklet is dainty and just catches the eye from a distance ;)

All of jewelry is 14kt gold so if you sweat while wearing it....... you will be fine ;)

Whatever you want to show off we have the jewelry needed to add that extra sex appeal!

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