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Our Trendy Necklaces under $100

This week some of us should be getting our stimulus money. I am sure most people will be putting this money towards bills, however what if you have an extra $100. Maybe you want to cheer yourself up for being on lockdown so long. With no date in sight, it's okay to treat yourself. We put together some of our trendy necklaces that cost less than $100. HECK, with some of these prices you can purchase more than one and get your necklace layer on! #stimuluscheck #money


Let's start with one of our very own favorites. Our dainty Butterfly Necklaces. This is usually our go to necklace for every day wear and great layering with other necklaces. The Butterfly Necklace is gold filled. A 15.5" chain with a 1.5" extender. The extender comes in handy when layering. The Butterfly is also gold filled. At $24.95 you can buy 4 of these for less than $100. Maybe get one for each of your friends in your girl squad. #ButterflyTribe#SquadGoals


Next is a necklace your grandma will be happy to see you wearing and also very trendsetting. The XL Mary Necklace. We love to dress this necklace down with a graphic tee or wear with a low cut shirt. This necklaces comes on 17.5" gold filled chain and 0.75" gold filled coin. It hangs low making it great to layer with other necklaces. With the cost of $58, you don't come close to breaking your budget.


This necklace will help make your wishes come true. The Opal and Topaz Shooting Star is a stunning necklace. We always make wish when putting it on. 18kt Gold Vermeil, 14lt gold filled Chain, natural Ethiopian opal, and white topaz is sure to get you plenty of compliments. $92.00 for your personal shooting star to make your wishes come true.


How about something simple and understand. The CZ Choker is great to dress up or down. The placement of this necklace is very eye catching. A 13.5" gold filled chain with 1.5" extender to adjust the necklace to show case the .25" bezeled CZ stone. For $24.95 you can also get one for your mom for Mother's Day.


And last but not least, our Virgin Mary Necklace. One of the best to use when layering with some of the necklaces we stated above. The 19" gold filled chain sits perfect in order to wear alone or with others. The price of $35 also saves you room for purchasing another necklace to pair with.

Since you can't leave your home, head on over to and find something to cheer you up or get a jump start on a Mother's Day gift. We have an array of unique and trendy jewelry to help you out of the quarantine depression. #stayhome #addtocart

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