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6 Products To Help You Get That Glow Up Skin!

Beautiful and glowing skin is always on #trend and the #goal we all want to achieve. Wouldn't it be nice to get up put on some sunscreen, eyeliner, and mascara and call it a day? Well you can achieve this. You don't need to get facials every other week or harsh chemical peels. These few products I personally use and love. Also some tips that can go a long way.

I want to start this with informing you that I am not an affiliate of any of these brands and I am not being paid in any way from these brands. Not even #freebies! These products have helped me and have changed my #skin for the best. However, consistency is the key here. You can have products that actually work but washing your face once in a while isn't going to show a difference. Find a regime and stick to it. You will see results after 2 weeks.

Now be honest, do you at least remove your make up before going to bed after a night out? You just put 2-3 layers of makeup on, maybe more. Think about your pores, what you just caked on, goes on top of them and seeps in. They are now suffocated and clogged. Now add the sweat and dirt from being out. That's a lot on your face without even going to sleep and sweating in your sleep. You are BOUND to have a breakout.

I get it, it's 3am and you are tired. If you can't do a full face wash, at least invest in makeup remover wipes. Stash them in your bedside table or where you throw your keys when you get in. Some where you can see them and remind yourself to remove your makeup. Train your boyfriend or husband to remind you or help you remove your makeup when you just want to pass out.

There are so many types of makeup remover wipes. My go to ones are the wipes with collagen. Any help with keeping my baby face, I will buy. I don't really pick a brand put I purchase my makeup remover wipes from T.J. Maxx. YUP! T.J. Maxx. You can get huge amounts for $3.99.

After doing this for awhile, I promise you, you will not feel comfortable going to bed without cleaning your face. Make it a habit to remove your makeup!

Now what about everyday clean? That's what you came here for right? My go to product for cleaning is the bareMinerals Poreless Skincare line. After being CONSISTANT with cleaning my face, I was getting so many compliments. I was taken back. I've NEVER had anyone notice my skin. I kid you not, one women in her 50's stopped me to tell me how nice my skin was and asked what I used, after telling her the bareMinerals Poreless, she went straight to the store to get it.

Personally, my skin was average. I've had a few breakouts here and there and you could see my small pores. After hitting my 30's I started to notice my pores a lot more. I wanted to do something about it. So I decided to invest in something decent and glad I did.

Below are the bareMinerals Poreless items that helped me. Like I said and cannot stop saying, CONSISTENCY is key. Read the directions and follow to a T. I promise you, you will see results after 2 weeks.

You can purchase these on the bareMinerals website (, Macy's, or Sephora. Take advantage of coupons when these retailers are offering them. Saves you some money if these exceed what you are looking to spend, but well worth it.

bareMinerals isn't the only product I use. There's one drugstore product I have been using for years. It's a peel-off mask that helps tighten my skin and keeps it glowing! It's the Freeman Renewing Cucumber Peel-off Gel Mask. Most drugstores carry the Freeman line but I usually go to Sally's and use my pro card. I use the peel -off mask once a week and feel a difference the minute I peel it off.

Freeman has been the masks expert since the 70's and have a variety of choices. There's volcano ash for pore cleansing, green tea + organic blossom for brightening, pomegranate for revitalizing, and sweet tea + lemon for clearing. Freeman does more than just masks they have Micro-Darts Pro that target certain areas of the face. I haven't tried this yet but will update as soon as I can get my hands on them.

With so much that Freeman offers, you can have at home facial and wine night with the girls. Check out the Freeman's website and discover all that they offer.

Sometimes my face gets super oily and I need some extra help that's a bit more heavy duty. There's a couple of factors that contribute to my face getting oily or out of control; stress, the summer heat, sweating, or hormones. Now for those of you who are my age, may remember using these in middle school or high school and will wonder why you stopped. Time to welcome back Oxy Pads! HOLY FLASHBACK!

Now I must advise, these can stripe your face of a lot of oils and leave your face dry. DO NOT OVER USE! So only use a couple times a week. Also, use the bareMinerals Poreless moisturizer after using.

Oxy Pads are sold in most drugstores and most of the time I find them on the bottom shelve. If you still can't find them ask an employee where to find them. Trust me, if you have oily skin sometimes, these are great to have on hand.

Now for a few tips. Most of these everyone knows but they need to be said. Have you ever heard the saying "you are what you eat"? If you have a horrible diet and don't drink enough water, it will show and the first places you see this is your hair, skin, and nails. Just like a plant, if you don't water it and give it the nutrients it needs, the first thing that happens is it changes color and drys up. Well same thing happens to us. You need your vitamins, vegetables, fruit, meats, and most of all WATER. So fill up on a gallon of water and get to work.

Making better choices and creating good habits, will get you the #glowup you've been waiting for. You don't need to spend thousands but you need to put in some effort. I promise if you start now, in 2 weeks time everyone will be asking what your secret is.

Emails us what you think or if you have beauty questions!

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