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Tips To Transform Your Dry & Brittle Hair; BONUS Review of Olaplex's new treatment!

Is your hair #dry and #brittle? When you blow dry your #hair, are the ends of your hair not curling and looking #frizzy? Or worse when you use a curling iron, your hair isn't taking a curl? Sounds like you need to bring your hair back to life. Don't worry read on sis!

#BONUS! We tried the Olaplex No. 0!

Okay ladies, who else has the horrible #trait of always changing their hair color? Now that summer is ending, probably like you, I am ITCHING to change my #haircolor. Your summer tan is fading and your hair looks lighter than when summer started. My first piece of advice here is......... DO NOT USE BOX DYE!!!!!!!! *cringe* Worse stay away from black or anything very dark! If you are always going from a dark shade to really light shade every change of season, you are doing a lot of damage. Your #hairstylist has to #BLEACH that color out and then deposit a corrective tone and/or a balancing tone. Also, the darker it is, the more times you need to go back so your #stylist can lift the color safely without doing too much damage or causing breakage. Find a happy medium of a hair color that looks best on you. Rule of thumb is to only go two #shades above or below your natural color. Let me break it down:

Hair color has levels (1-12); Level 1 is the darkest and level 12 is the lightest. If you have an experienced #hairstylist, they know this and can help you find your natural color.

So let's say you are a level 5, the best you can do with minimal damage is to lift to a level 7 and for the darkest it is best to not go darker than a level 3. Keeping this in mind, will help you keep from FRYING your hair.

Maybe you are a level 6 and love that #trending color of ICE. You can do that but you need to care for your hair and we will have to advise on not changing your hair color too often. Also, biggest piece of advice..... research a #haircolorist.

Now let's get into some caring tips for your hair. First and foremost and we all hate this, I am guilty of this as well, regular #haircuts. You need to cut the dead ends off. If we don't keep on top of those #splitends, they will spilt all the way up those strand of hairs. This is why your hair can look frizzy. If you maintain this, you can have silky beautiful hair.

Next #conditioning. Invest in a deep conditioner. I like BTZ, Beyond The Zone, LAST CALL hair masque. You can purchase these at Sally's beauty supply. (see link below) I would use these once a week and you just leave in for 5 minutes.

Now if you really want the best of the best. I would say Olaplex and It's A Ten. I have already suggest this in another blog post. These products work wonders and are worth every penny.

You can also ask your stylist about adding Olaplex to you hair color to prevent damage and breakage, if they carry it. I will say this is usually an added charge.

A new product was just released by Olapex and it is called No.0. If the salon you go to carries Olaplex, ask them if they have this service yet. You can ask to use the whole line No.0-N0.7, and you will have silky hair.

I was able to get my hands on No.0. I am a former hairstylists so I understand how to use the products. Now if you follow me on IG @vanityenvie, you saw me post a video running my fingers through my hair and waving my hair back and forth. Well I have to say, I LOVED IT. Not only is my hair so soft, I feel like it was quicker to blow dry my hair. I am not sure if that was something they claimed it would do, but I'm in love. I recommend having this service done.

Here are some before/after pictures.

Do you blow dry your hair every day? Do you curl or straighten your hair? Heat can cause a lot of damage. Especially if this is something you do everyday.

First, make sure you add something that protects the hair from the heat. It's a Ten is not just a leave in conditioner, but also protective.

Next make sure you brush out any knots. Pulling on the hair can cause the hair to break.

Now for blow drying. Blow dry without a brush to the point where moist of the water is out. I usually brush the hair again and then section by section I blow dry with a brush. This helps it come out smoother and cuts down you blowdrying time.

What about your curler and straightener? I hope for the sake of your hair you are using these tools on dried hair. DO NOT USE THESE TOOLS ON WET OR DAMP HAIR! Not only do you cause more damage, your hair won't come out as nice as you want it to.

Once again before using these tools, brush the knots out. Best results would be after you just blow dried your hair with a brush. Not only do you get better volume but your hair color looks vibrant and I always find I can go longer before having to wash it again.

If you follow these few tips, I promise, you will bring the life back to your hair!

When going to your stylist for the #fall hair color change. I would ask them about everything I have mentioned and if they have Olaplex.

Do not forget to get a haircut while you are there sis!

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