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Types Of Gold Jewelry

There has been a shift in the way #consumers buy recently. Not only do we buy online but we started wanting #quality over quantity, especially when it comes to jewelry. How many times have we seen a really cute pair of #earrings and we purchase them, only to last a couple of days? They turn your earlobe black, make them itchy, swelling (for some), and tarnish in color!

#Gold jewelry has been the trending #jewelry lately. Solid gold can be quite #expensive, so to help those on a budget and want #trendy jewelry; gold has been "watered down" so to say for it to last and be of quality. Read on to learn the different types, even the few that we have.

#GoldPlated is a very popular type, we are sure you have a few pieces in your collection. Gold plated is the lowest cost, and have a base metal that can vary from brass silver or copper. This is also has the least gold content, which is why it is affordable. With gold plated we recommend taking off your jewelry when showering, putting on perfumes/lotions, and sleeping at night. You should also store it correctly when you aren't wearing to make it last longer. Gold Plated can last up to a year or two. For more care tips read our previous post here;

Gold Plated Blush of the Ocean Earrings -

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#GoldVermeil is another type of gold jewelry you will find at Vanity Envie. Gold vermeil is affordable and is good quality. You will pay a bit more than gold plated but for good reason. Gold vermeil won't tarnish and is great for every day wearing. So when it is good for everyday wear, it is #hypoallergenic and great for all skin types. Gold Vermeil is the same concept as gold plated but has a sterling silver base and thicker layer of 10k pure gold. Usually 2.5 microns. Vermeil is also always was marked with .925 or sterling.

18kt Gold Vermeil Dainty Daisy Studs- Click on the picture to shop!

#GoldFilled is just like gold vermeil. However, the core material consists of #copper or other base metals. The thick gold layer can vary 9kt, 14kt, or 18kt. The gold content has is at least 5%, if it less than 5% has to be legally labeled as "rolled gold plate" and "gold overlay". Gold filled could last as long as 30 years and people with sensitive skin shouldn't have any problems wearing it.

Gold Filled XL Mary Necklace -

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So you are wondering, why buy #solidgold when you can have gold filled and gold vermeil? THE RESALE VALUE. Due to the base being of a different metal it's not really an investment. For engagements rings or jewelry you want to be a family heirloom we suggest SOLID GOLD!

14kt Solid Gold Diamond Ice Queen -

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When shopping with us or other jewelry stores, you now know the difference. You can understand what you are paying for!

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