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Tips To Care For Your Jewelry!

Do you want to keep your jewelry sparkling as long as possible? Well that comes with caring for your jewelry. We will give you give a few tips to help maintain your jewelry.

No swimming with your jewelry!

Chlorine and salt water can tarnish the precious metals we use for our pieces we sell. To avoid making your jewelry become dull, take them off before getting in the water.

Avoid wearing your jewelry to bed!

When sleep we toss and turn and also sweat. Tossing and turning can cause your jewelry to tangle and your sweat can tarnish the jewelry. Plus, it can be quite uncomfortable and disturb your good nights rest.

Store your jewelry well!

Storing your jewelry helps keep it from getting scratched and tangled. We recommend a jewelry box that keeps oxygen and moisture out as well. This will further prevent any tarnishing.

Avoid Perfumes and Lotions!

It is best to apply your lotions and perfume BEFORE putting your jewelry on. Chemicals in these products can harm your jewelry.

Clean your jewelry!

There are many different types of solutions, foams, and cloths that help clean jewelry. These are sold in most common stores. We do recommend testing a spot on your jewelry piece first if you buy a jewelry cleaner you are not familiar with.

If you follow these few commandments for your jewelry care, we can promise they will sparkle for a long time!

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