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Thinking About Getting Botox or Fillers? Maybe an Alternative to a Needle?

Botox and fillers have become mainstream and most say you can thank #Snapchat #filters for that. We all have been guilty of using these filters that make our skin smoother, check bones more defined and lips bigger. We see the potential we have if we added just some botox to our forehead or "perked" up our cheek bones a bit. So now you are here wondering, how do I go about getting these treatments?

First and foremost, do your research! This is your body and you get what you pay for. If you go to someone who doesn't have degrees and certifications, you can end up having a medical emergency. In the end you will be paying more for the medical expenses. Google and read reviews for various medical spas that offer these procedures. Find their instagram and see what their work is like. Just remember some use photoshop and filters, which isn't good practice so reading reviews on Yelp or Google is essential.

Of course money is a factor. Once again you get what you pay for. Some offer a price per area and others offer a price per syringe. Personally price per syringe is best. For example, if you are doing a #jawlinefiller, which usually takes at least 3 #syringes, if you picked a great place most likely they will use whatever that is remaining to your cheek bones to even out your #sideprofile.

Another factor to consider in pricing are the brands used. Some familiar brands are #Juvederm, #Voluma, #Restylane, etc. The ones that have the longest lasting effect will cost more. It's up to you how long you want the fillers to last. If you are doing it just for an occasion or maybe you are unsure if you will like the look, go with something that won't last as long. If you are a regular or want to do it on the regular, choose something that lasts longer.

Now gather whatever questions you may have. Sometimes before an appointment you will be emailed a list of what to avoid; like alcohol, exercise, etc. This will help with the healing process after. Once you get there the doctor/nurse administrating the procedure will go through everything and numb the areas. After everything is done, you may have to avoid exercise and alcohol again. You will have some soreness, swelling, and bruising. Ice will be your best friend and usually after 2 weeks you will see the results. We have been told most people love the swollen look in their first 2 weeks!

Alternatives to Fillers and Botox

There are some alternatives, but keep in mind you will NOT see results as fast or maybe minimal. However, we get those who don't want to start sticking needles in their faces.

Instead of fillers you can use some products that have hyaluronic acid with a skin plumping formula. The best choice would be something that has low molecular weight. This helps the product enter the skin.

Look for ingredients that are super hydrating that help with plumping and firming the skin. Some examples are #ceramides, #silicones, and #glycerin. These ingredients help by holding in water and giving the appearance of firmer and fresher skin.

Retinol is also important ingredient. #Retinol is made of vitamin A and stimulates your own production of #hyaluronicacid, #collagen, and #elastin , which helps thicken the skin.

Differin Gel is a great product. It helps with fine lines and thickens the skin.


Now for those looking for products like Botox, I have to warn this is a bit harder. The way Botox works, is it is freezing the nerves to keep the muscles from moving in order to stop from creating more #wrinkles.

Argireline is closest to #Botox. It is made up of amino acids called #peptides. #Argireline prevents muscle movements that leads to wrinkles like Botox and promotes collagen production and it's function fighting fine lines and improve moisture levels in skin.

The Ordinary makes to great products that are also reasonable priced.

Argireline Solution ($13)

Buffet ($15)

This helps with more than just wrinkles. Buffet helps with dryness, fine lines, dullness and uneven texture.

Whatever choice you make, whether it is the needle route or adding to your ski care routine, you will be happy in the long run when you get completes on your skin.

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