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The BEST Hair Products Worth Splurging On!

It's time to give up the products that sell you all on the label but not in the actual product. Worst of all they are mostly made up of water and alcohol, so in turn can be drying out your hair more. Thus, making you purchase their "repair mask". Their marketing team has you locked in like your old highs school frenemy's pyramid scheme.

Today I am writing about the products I use EVERYDAY! I am a product junkie. It's to the point that I have sample/travel sizes in my middle console of my Jeep! Like most consumers, when you find something you LOVE, you know it's worth the splurge.

Once again like stated in my last blog post "6 Products to Help You Get That Glow Up Skin" , I am NOT affiliated with any of the brands. This blog post is my personal use of these products. I am a #cosmetologist and have had my license for 12 years now. I have tried almost EVERY product through the years, I was hooked on the 80's Aqua Net in my early days. Cheap and could hold up my Snooki puff all night dancing at Pacha in NYC. I don't know what was the worst confusion in those last two sentences but yes, I'm cringing thinking about those days.

There is criteria for these products that I personally purchase;

1- How well they work.

2- How they smell.

3- Cost - even though some can be pricey.

Think about the cost this way... for every 4 #hair products you "TRY" at the #drugstore and show no results and are added to your graveyard of hopefully half used cheap products, you would have been able to splurge on a great product that you would be scraping out of it's container.

So throw out those cheap products and make room for your everyday #splurge products. Oh and added bonus, when you have people over and they are looking through your bathroom products. They will take note at the products you use!


First thing you noticed is the cool branding! The products names and labeling are like works of art and let's just say help make your hair look like a work of art. R+Co is my top favorite. Not only are they cool to look at, everything smells so good.

I use the the Death Valley Dry Shampoo, which I have a big bottle in my house and two mini's. One in my jeep and another in my purse.

How many times have you used dry shampoo and it smelt funny and would leave a white residue in your hair that takes you for ever the brush out? Properly just better off washing your hair because it stills looks oily! Well not with Death Valley. I've been using this dry shampoo for probably 5 years now. Now that is commitment.

Bonus - I sometimes use as perfume.


IGK is another favorite of mine but not as pricey as R+Co and works just as well. I also love the naming of their products. Antisocial, Mistress, Thirsty Girl, etc. There's some sense to the names as well, if you think about the products.

Rich Kid is a coconut oil air dry styler. Meaning you but this gel in wet and you naturally let your hair dry. I use this when I am going to the beach or a pool. Why do your hair when you are going to get it wet any way? Plus if you have blonde hair or chemically treated hair, it's good to put something on the hair to seal the cuticles so that the chlorine, sun, or salt water don't dry your hair out or change the color.

Added bonus the coconut oil is great for your hair!

30,000 feet is a volumizing shampoo, hence 30,00 feet. I don't use this everyday as it is expensive but I do use on days I'm dressing up or my hair needs some extra help with a lift.

Another helper with volume is the 30,000 feet volume powder spray. You can spray this on your roots for extra height without having to tease it. Just a pro tip....... a small amount goes a long way.

It's A Ten

The front label states "miracle leave in product". Such confidence for them to say MIRACLE. Well that's actually what it is. I use this after every hair washing day. It doesn't way down the hair and makes the hair feel silky and healthy. Your jaw may drop at the price but like I said and they say it's a "MIRACLE". I have turned many friends on to it and they can say their hair went from brittle and limp to hair like the women in a Pantene commercial. This is one of the miracle conditioning treatments you've been looking for and worth the splurge.

Now don't get cheap and buy it off AMAZON because it's half the price....... it's half the price because it's a fake!


Any salon you go in today, will offer you a Olaplex treatment especially after having your hair chemically treated. Olaplex helps build up the bonds after they were broken from heat, hot water, or chemicals we put in our hair everyday. This treatment helps keep your hair silky for days after the treatment.

There are few options and everything is numbered.

No. 0- No. 2 - These are salon use only. So we skip these.

No. 3 - Hair Perfector - This at home treatment repairs, protects, and strengthens. This is their global best seller.

No. 4- Bond Maintenance Shampoo - Go the extra mile to fully restore your hair. This is great for color treated hair.

No. 5 - Bond Maintenance Conditioner- To follow up with the shampoo their conditioner will visibly repair and strengthen your hair.

No. 6 - Bond Smoother - Calling all ladies with #frizz!!!!!! Here is the answer you have been looking for. This leave-in style-creme will help banish that frizz you hate for up to 72 hours!

No. 7 - Bonding Oil - BEFORE YOU TOUCH THAT FLAT IRON PLEASE READ! This everyday styling go to product is a step you CANNOT miss when using curling irons or flat irons. This oil gives 450* heat protection.

If you have fried straw like hair and need a repair..... I recommend the Olaplex products and use them religiously.

These products have helped so much through out the years, especially since I have my hair chemically treated. Some of them can be costly but they are worth the splurge. I also may add; invest in decent shampoo. If you want your color lasting long, then go for color treated shampoos. Also, after the end of a hot shower, cool it down. Heat opens the cuticle of your hair and cooling helps close the cuticle.

I hope I helped you find some great products. Please reach out if you have any questions or just want to say HI!

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