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Our Top 5 Trending Wedding Bands

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Weddings today are nothing like our parent's back in the day. Did your parents marry in the 80's/90's and your mom wore a gown with the sleeves that looked as if she plucked two clouds out of the sky and added them to her shoulders? Or how about the cake?! The multi tier cakes with smaller cakes at the side with what looked like stairs connecting them? OR if they were REALLY fancy they had a small working fountain under the cake?

Weddings have come a long way, however it has taken some time for weddings bands to change. No one wants that THICK gold wedding band anymore. Now we want our wedding bands to stand out just as much as our engagement rings. We want something unique or something that may even help display our engagement.

These are our top 5 trendy wedding rings

5. Catir Ring

The Catir ring is inspired by the beautiful lands of Scotland, where the designer Jenni is from. This ring still gives the look of a wedding band but much more delicate with a simple design of ovals and every third oval incrusted with VS2 white diamonds.

With a price tag of just $300, this unique ring helps keep our newly wed brides within their budget.

4. Baguette Arc Ring

With an arc of decadent diamonds crowned by rays of topaz, this ring makes the ultimate statement and stacking piece. Its arc of natural white diamonds is brilliantly handset with a bold design of white topaz, that creates the perfect stacking arc.

3. Ice Queen Ring

Our marquis cut diamond ring is our fiercest piece yet. The gradual transition from round to marquis cuts is the perfect compliment to the rings range in size of diamonds as well. The opal gives ring a bit of something different and unexpected.

2. 14kt Diamond Caribbean Sunrise Ring

This stunning 14kt gold white diamond ring makes for the perfect modern wedding band. The Diamond Caribbean Sunrise Ring helps enhance an engagement ring. This adds that extra sparkle and style to your ring finger stack.

1. Diamond Ice Queen Ring

Our number one lady is the Diamond Ice Queen Ring, sister to the Opal Ice Queen Ring. Not only is this ring unique but also timeless. The gradual transition from round to marquis cuts is the perfect compliment to the rings range in size of diamonds as well. 

With any one of these five rings, you will be bound to stand out with the unique and stunning cut of diamonds or opals. Your wedding lasts only one day but your rings will last a lifetime show casing your style.

All of our pieces featured are made upon ordering. They do take about 15 days before shipping. A few pieces can also be done in 1/2 and 1/4 sizes. Please visit our online store to find more stunning pieces. If you have questions about anything email us at

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