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The Influencer's Trending Nails for 2020

When you think of nails, who do you think of first? Cardi B or Kylie? For me it's going to be Cardi B. She always has the most OVER THE TOP nails. They are extra long and have that extra sparkle. Her nail artist Jenny Bui is the "Queen of Bling" and has done some stunning work.

Thanks to Cardi B and her nail Artist, they have inspired so many people to do more with their nails. We are going to go over some of the nail trends for 2020 that we think all influencers will be wearing.

Let's start with simplicity. These designs are for those who are a bit more reserved but want to up their nail game just a little:

So simple yet so chic. Still able to catch someone's eye and way better than the regular $8 manicure you usually get. Simply outlining your nails with gold or creating different direction black lines. These are some great simple designs that will make others think you are an influencer.

Next are nails that look like art work. Now as we are not nail artists ourselves, we do believe these were created with nail decals or "stickers".

As you remember from a couple of weeks ago, we did a " how to" for nail decals. If you haven't read it yet, click the link below to get this look at home.

Your nails will look a work of art from the MOMA in NYC and I can assure it will be hard to use the nail polish remover on these. You will never want to see these go. :(

Next we have the trendy designs to ask for. Some are a bit more than simple and others are more detailed.

The celestial nails will make you feel the Tarot Queen of the galaxy, or the evil eye and dotted chic design like the influencer you are.

These looks will add that extra something to your look. Also, don't forget your real BLING.... your jewelry pieces. Shop our jewelry to complete your style.

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